Get to know us

Capital Tech is a professional IT service provider that offers innovative solutions at professional level in Telecommunications, CCTV Cameras, Time Attandance, Wired & Wireless Networking and other IT services. Our work strategy is to work extremely faster and harder as the Capital Tech properties that take your business to the heights of opportunity. And here we're opening up a world full of opportunities where you're not just presenting yourself, but our services are helping you gain gigantic customer traffic to your business, and even services like RI are taking you up with tomorrow's world's technology. Capital Tech meets all the major IT requirements you require. Capital Tech was established in 2019 and continues to grow to date.

Our mission

At Capital Tech, our mission is to relentlessly deliver professional-level IT services, setting new benchmarks in speed, efficiency, and innovation. We are dedicated to crafting tomorrow's technology today, ushering our clients into a world of endless possibilities. Committed to meeting every IT need, we strategically navigate major government sectors, enhancing connectivity in key locations across Gujarat. With a robust technical team and unwavering customer support, we strive to be the trusted backbone of businesses, valued for our unparalleled services.

Our vision

Pioneering Excellence in IT Innovation, Capital Tech envisions a future where technological prowess propels businesses to unparalleled heights. Our vision is to be the foremost architect of cutting-edge solutions, seamlessly integrating Telecommunications, CCTV, Time Attendance, and Networking to transform opportunities into unprecedented success.

Meet the Initiators

Darshan Modi